Located on a farm in rural Middle Tennessee, Cedar Hall School was established to give children a place to obtain a full, well-rounded education in a setting of acceptance and love. Treating one another with dignity and respect coupled with a strong sense of integrity undergirds the foundation of our community.

The challenging academic setting encourages the art of critical thinking, and mentoring takes on a primary role in the daily life of the student. It is our dream and intention to give children the tools to become truly educated which include a love for learning, a disciplined work ethic, and a genuine response to the needs of others.

Cedar Hall School is a private, independent school for students in grades three through eight founded in 1991 by Gilbert and Ginny Gordon. It is located 8 miles south of Murfreesboro on a 180 acre farm which has been in the Gordon family for seven generations. 

The name 'cedar' was chosen because large numbers of cedars grace the farm, and because the heartwood of the cedar tree is strong and durable which are the qualities we hope to build into the hearts of the students by emphasing the five major tenets of the school:

  1. Integrity
  2. Treating each other with dignity and respect
  3. Love of learning
  4. Discipline of hard work 
  5. Perseverance

In 2018 we asked our parents what aspects of Cedar Hall have meant the most to them concerning their children. The following are the most mentioned:

Love of learning, free thinking, integrity, importance of the community, character, responsibility, academics, love of literature, respect for others, discussions and dialogue (healthy debate), flexibility, critical thinking, knowledge, individuality, serving others, freedom...